Fee structure of Al-Noor School is as below: 

Tuition Fee: 

Class Name Discounted Tuition Fee for Opening  Year ( 2018.)  
Play Taka 2,000 per month  
Nursery Taka 2,000 per month
Year One Taka 2,000 per month

Admission Fee: 

Admission fee  Regular Admission Fee
Continuing Student Taka 5,000 for the year 

Upon admission all students will receive :

Free Text books

One set exercise book

One School Diary

Parents should note that:

***School Tuition Fees will not be the only item to be paid for. There will be other expenses such as:


>Additional exercise books which will be needed,  

>Education trips fees 

>Any sporting equipment,

>And any item which is necessary for the education of your child. 

***Admission application form Tk 100 ( One Hundred)

*** All fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to change.

*** Tuition Fee is payable by 5th day of each month.  

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