Our curriculum is customized and we give more emphasis on core subjects such as Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Science and English. From Play-Group to Year-Four we teach Cambridge Curriculum enriched by added Islamic subjects and Montessori syllabus. From Year-Five to Year-Ten there are two options available, students can either continue with Cambridge Curriculum or they can choose English version of Bangladesh National Curriculum.

2- Islamic Studies

We have implanted additional Quran and Islamic studies syllabus in every class.

3- School Fees

School fee is payable within 5th of every month

4- Refund policy

The admission fee for the school is non-refundable. Should you choose to take out your child before the 15th of a month we will return the monthly fee on a prorated basis.

5- Punctuality/Drop-off and pickup

It is important that you drop and pick your children on-time. Children should be dropped off at least 15 minutes before the start of the school day. Parents should ensure that children are collected promptly at the end of their class and are requested to come 10 minutes before the finish time. 

6- Attendance policy

The children work very hard throughout the school year and if they miss any time from school it will affect their learning and will make it harder for the teacher to keep all students at the same level. Our minimum class attendance requirement is 95% unless there is a medical reason or authorization is taken from the school in advance. In special cases we might allow the children to take some time off, but we ask all parents to carefully consider the impact that absence from school will have on their child’s education before they make such a request.

Please make sure that you send a note to inform the class teacher as soon as possible if your child must miss school.

7- Illness

Please call the school if your child is ill. If your child seems unwell in the morning please do not send them to class, even if he/she is keen to come. Please do not send your child to school if they have been sick during the night. Children who are well enough to come to school will be expected to participate in playtime and other physical activities.

8- Discipline

Discipline is an important Islamic value; it is a virtue that we instill in our students by a carefully designed set of activities weaved throughout the curriculum and activities. We also encourage mutual respect among all our students and provide guidance about good manners.

9- Zero tolerance for bullying

At  Al-Noor school we have zero tolerance for all forms of physical and verbal harassment. The school staff has been trained to keep a close eye on identifying bullying and we discourage it through lessons and by working with any children engaged in this behavior.

10- Appearance

Students are expected to be neat in appearance. They must come to school well groomed and clean; nails must be clean and trimmed.

11- Makeup and Jewelry

Students may not wear any form of jewelry, although girls may wear small earrings in their ears. Students are not allowed to use makeup at any time.

12- Homework

We have a Less-Homework Policy in our school. There is no homework for Play Group and Nursery kids.

We follow 10-minute Homework Rule from Year One. The maximum amount of homework (all subjects combined) should not exceed 10 minutes per night.

That is, Year-One:  10 minutes per night

Year-Two:  20 Minutes per night

Year-Three:  30 Minutes per night

Year-Four:  40 Minutes per night

Year-Five:  50 Minutes per night

Up on to Year-Ten, there is no more than two hours homework per night.

13- Healthy Eating

We have a healthy eating policy, please provide nutritious food for your child at home and at school.  We strongly discourage unhealthy food such as sodas, candies and other types of sweets and junk food; please do not include them as part of your child’s packed lunch or snack box.

14- Water

We recognize the medical dangers of dehydration as well as the considerable amount of research, which show that concentration levels are reduced when children are dehydrated. In addition to the water available at school, we are happy for children to bring fresh drinking water to school.

15- On Emergency

An emergency situation may arise during a school day. We are able to provide basic first aid in case of an accident, but we will contact you immediately. It is important that you give us an emergency contact address and two telephone numbers in the event that we need to contact you quickly. We have stickers from sanrio and la-based independent designer, sara m.