Our Excellence

W-4 Hifz-ul-Quran
All child in our school receives the compulsory Arabic and Islamic Studies lesson every day; alongside they have the option to join our Hifzul-Quran program after a certain age.
w-22 English Medium/Version
Our medium of instruction is English, both Cambridge Curriculum, and the English version of the Bangladesh National Curriculum are taught together at an affordable cost.
w-8 Montessori Method
We teach our kids through the Montessori Method, which is a scientific educational approach that empowers children to become independent and lifelong learners.
W-5 Jolly Phonics
We apply the synthetic phonics approach to teaching English. Our English books are written and designed on the basis of the Jolly Phonics method and printed by our own publication.
W-7 Shanghai Maths
This is an interactive program for the curriculum of England. Your child can master maths with these resources and will be able to apply that knowledge in solving problems in real-life.
w-6 Online School
We power countrywide Online School Program for kids in response to the high demand for our personalized learning method, inspiring teachers, and top-quality books.
w-23 Own Publication
Our highly qualified curriculum development team prepares the suitable syllabus, and our publication department designs and prints colourful interactive books for our students.
w-21 Extracurricular activities
Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities during their time at school-from sport, origami, and drawing to many personal development programs.

Key Features

We offer a rich, engaging curriculum in our school and support students’ individual needs alongside regular class. Al-Noor School is an enjoyable and friendly place for pupils and staffs; we provide all facilities in the classroom to help students become independent.
Our commitment is to deploy a qualified teaching team to support each student. Teachers at our school are involved in the decision-making process, and they take shared responsibility for student improvement and contribute to our transparent learning culture.
Parents’ involvement in school, improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and enhances social skills. We foster healthy parental participation in our school through regular communications, organizing events, engaging them in decision-making and offering advice on parenting skills.
We are devoted to an environment where students, parents, and staff feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. Students feel positively connected, and everybody in the school knows their role in building a caring school climate, and develop healthy, respectful relationships throughout the school community.

School Years

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Our Facilities

We are striving to prepare students for their best future  by providing finest education under Islamic guidance and pleasant environment for learning.

Furnished Classroom
School Transport
Mid-day meal

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Al-Noor School offers education through a holistic approach towards the spiritual, intellectual, psychological and physical progression of a beginner. We follow the British National Curriculum for general education which is supplemented by Arabic and Islamic Studies lesson.

Islamic Curriculum at Al-Noor School is purely based on The Quran and Hadith. Al-Noor School offers Hifzul Quran program (Optional) both for boys and girls. Every day we have Arabic and Islamic Studies classes for all students. Our Arabic teachers are from qawmi madrasa background.

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