Golden School Day Rules

We have developed our Golden School Day Rules to make the School, a place where learning, teaching, and working are joyful.

Students must follow the 10 golden School Day Rules of Al-Noor School:

  1. Arrive school on time.
  2. Respect staff and other pupils, offer salaam and smile to everybody.
  3. During class time stay in the classroom.
  4. Always present your work neatly and keep books graffiti free.
  5. Bring correct stationery and appropriate books with you.
  6. Look, listen and don’t talk or disrupt the teacher when she/he is speaking.
  7. Put your hands up if you wish to speak.
  8. Don’t litter the classroom.
  9. Record homework in diaries.
  10. Line up and leave school quietly in an orderly manner.

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