Class Name Year One 
Age Group 5-6 Years of age 
UK Equivalent  Kindergarten 

Book List 

Subject  No. Book Name  Publisher 
Bangla  1 শিশুতোষ লেখা শিখি (২)   শিশুতোষ প্রকাশনী 
2 বাংলা ১ম  বোর্ড বই
English 1 Nelson English Student Book 1 Nelson
2 The New Radiant Way (First Step) Allied Publishers Private Limited
Math 1 Success With Maths Ahead 1
(Bangladesh Editon)
Orient BlackSwan
Art & Design  1 Time To Colour and Talk
about ABC
Popular Children’s Book
Science 1 New Integrated Primary Science
Introductory Book
Oxford University Press
Arabic 1  কায়দা  সোলেমানি বুক হাউস