Al- Noor School inspires children and teachers to retain their natural curiosity, eagerness, and love of learning. We always try to create a positive influence on children that stays with them for their whole lives.

We ensure that our members are cherished, challenged and fairly treated. Our managers and principal are aware and responsible for developing a caring school system that promotes the welfare of all of our members.

However, we understand that leaders alone cannot accomplish this task without the responsible and respectful co-operation of the other members and parents. That’s why we engage parents and teachers as a major contributor in school’s decision-making process.

Al-Noor School has developed a unique feature of caring school culture:

  1. Student-centered (rather than program – centered);
  2. Emphasis on learning rather than grades and academic performance;
  3. Relationships are seen as a priority;
  4. Presence and absence of each school member matters;
  5. Discipline system for all (not just students);
  6. Group decision-making;
  7. Mistakes and failures are seen as opportunities for learning (not criticism);
  8. Success and failure viewed as relative terms;
  9. Belief in each member’s unique giftedness and limitless potential;
  10. Intelligence and knowledge seen as separate issues;
  11. Listening to the needs of all members;
  12. Backup support system to deal with neglect of any member;
  13. Openness to change;
  14. Freedom to be different;
  15. A management style that is transformational in nature.

We are striving to create a school environment that reaches out with heart and mind to all its stakeholders.